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THE retreat

In complement to the Horseshoe Music Festival, the Horseshoe Wellness Retreat is a transformational experience to heal, connect, condition, and journey around the Medicine Wheel to balance well-being and embody the best version of yourSELF.


In the rhythm of community, the heightened vibrations of incredible live music and surrounding nature, you’re invited to a full-body wellness experience with Retreat Navigators, Francine Padròn Bartlett, Casey Jillson & Amy Clemens of Medicine Wheel Wellness. Together they will guide you through a full weekend of private and group wellness activities to acknowledge and balance your Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, and Physical bodies and bring forth opportunity to tap into your highest potential.
The Horseshoe Music Festival Wellness Retreat will take place June 21st - 23rd at Outbound Resort, Mammoth Lakes, CA on the Native Lands of the Northern Paiute (Nüümü), Miwok & Kootzaduka’a Tribes. It’s an honor for us to gather during the weekend of the Summer Solstice to create opportunity for healing, self-care, and connecting community through music, culinary, fashion, and wellness.
This retreat is ideal for those who desire a healing, training, and lifestyle plan that is holistic, comprehensive, and natural. The directive of care offers an integration of holistic wellness services guided by the Medicine Wheel’s four aspects of well-being: Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, and Physical Health. 

RETREAt Packages include:

᳀ Gift Bag: Wellness Essentials Kit ($75 value)

᳀ Private & Group Sessions

᳀ Treatments including Massage, Compression Therapy, Injury Care & more

᳀ Sound Healing, Breathwork & Cacao Ceremony

᳀ Daily Yoga Flow

᳀ Only 8 spots available

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