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our non negotiables

We can have fun and while still taking steps to make our world & community a better place.  

Not only will we do our best to eliminate as much plastic & waste from Horseshoe events as possible, but we will always give back & raise money for local causes that we believe in.

What we stand for

᳀ We believe that MUSIC is medicine

᳀ We believe in QUALITY over QUANTITY

᳀ We believe in time honored TRADITIONS

᳀ We believe in food made with LOVE and high quality ingredients

᳀ We believe in drinking (of not drinking) wine & cocktails that are free from additives & chemicals

᳀ We believe that we can have fun and DO GOOD at the same time

᳀ We believe in CONNECTING communities locally & globally

᳀ We believe in HONORING those who were here first

Striving for a zero waste event

We will not hold an event that does not try to minimize what we add to the local landfill.

We promise to properly manage the trash, compost & recycling

with a goal of Zero Waste (90% landfill diversion). 

honoring those that were here first

We offer the opportunity to local indigenous groups to come, educate and participate in our Opening Ceremony.

We circle up at sunset, dance and honor the inhabitants and their descendants where we gather. 

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